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1. Please Post Username and Paypal on My Forum or on my guestbook.

2. SignUp Bonus $0.05 send on Next Schedule RCB, You must have 10 clicks and active 3 days.

3. If you are not active withouth confirmation --- Your remove from Team Work.

4. No Request Reffback --- RCB auto sending on Saturday - Monday.

5. No Refferal Exchange.

6. Guaranteed $0.03 for active member. If the site's scam before Get Payment --- You must have 30 clicks.

* The faster 3 members get Bonus $0.05, Who commented on Reward Clickers Forum every week after receiving the RCB

* Everyone get Bonus amount $0.05 if He/She suggestion New PTC on OFFER. Please Add Your suggest PTC On Suggest and Complain Forum 

* Everyone Get Bonus $0.03 If Get Payment From PTC Offer. Please share with screen on Members Payment Proof Forum

* Get Bonus $0.05 for 3 members Highers total clicks every Week Check on Bonus Clickers Forum

Pending Payment

Total Juli pending

Ptcengine $8
Fpibux $3.21
Ptcbuxx $4.67
Buxgoddes: 4.33

Total Juni Pending

AlineBux $6.12
InfinBux $4.36
MvpBux $6.07

Total Mei pending 

UniqBux $6.93
CnnBux $3.13
TbmBux $3.82
SanaBux $2.97
ArBux $3.21

Total April Pending $65.35

Payment Support
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Get cash from your website. Sign up as affiliate.



PTC or Paid To Click sites are advertising sites that have 2 options (advertising & earning money).

First of all, for a low fee you can advertise your website. For example $5.00 for showing your website to 1000 visitors. After you have paid for it, you can add your website information. When that’s done, your website information will be shown to all members of that PTC site. Some PTC sites allows also outside visitors. So that your website info will be shown to more visitors, like an extra free bonus.

The members of PTC sites need to click on these ADS (advertisements) in order to get credited/payed for it. Mostly they need to look at your website for example 20-30 seconds. They also can view your website information only ones, every 24 hours.

The money that members receive for looking at a website, depends from site to site. Mostly, they get paid around $0.005 till $0.01 for each site. But some members also invest money in PTC sites. For example by buying referrals or buying premium membershipment.

When a referral (someone that’s registered under you) is clicking also ADS, you will receive also some earnings from his/her work.

By becomming a Premium Member on a PTC site, you normally will see many more ADS than free members. And/or that also your earnings for looking at a website will increase. For example: from $0.01 to $0.0125 for each click.

This is then very interesting to earn money much faster.

If you never have been in the world of PTC sites, you now wonder how to get started with earning money on PTC sites ?

I have created a page with information as well on this blog. Be sure to check it out ;)

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News & Updates
02-07-2011 PtcEngine & Clixsenlite, got pending payment for more 6 days, update new scammer site.
02-07-2011 A5Bux site maintainance, scam site.
27-06-2011  Americanbux and PausebuxUpdate new scammer.
21-06-2011 BananaBux site suspend, new scam site.
21-06-2011 EKSISPTC launching kembali, silahkan register kembali bagi yang sudah register.
21-06-2011 KlikHepi Bangkrut
13-06-2011 AumaBux site closed.
04-06-2011 MindBux, Buximple, UniqBux, OdBux, SpiritBux New scammer site.
03-06-2011 LnBux site gone, cant acces.
22-05-2011 NotiBux, LigBux all of payment reversed.
22-05-2011 TbmBux, NestBux, CnnBux payment button disable, cant request payout.
19-05-2011 JmkBux site gone, cant acces.
Peakbux system is received but I have not get paid in my alertpay.
ArnBux payment disable for long time.
14-05-2011 Vistaclix, Y-bux sudah bangkrut.
14-05-2011 Tecbux, buxze , Askbux payment disable, can't request payout. 
12-05-2011 Receive my second payment from Jmkbux, This site currently paying
11/05/2011 AEBUX has bankrupt, not frofit again.




Guest Book

Last Payment
JULI 2011

Juli Total $26.90

06 : Clix200 $25
03 : Adlantis $1.90

Juni Total :  $42.43

24 : keishabux $4.15
24 : BuxSecure $2.24
22 : 1st AmericanBux $2.03
21 : 3rd PtcEnginee $5.22
20 : 1st TviPtc $4.01
16 : 2nd ThBux $0.96
14 : 1st  MoneyBux $1.05
13 : 1st PapaBux $3.82
10 : 2nd OneDollarRiches $6
08 : 2nd PtcEngine $5
07 : 1st BigTimeBux $1.97
06 : 1st A5Bux  $2.05
03 : 2nd MauiBux $3.94

Mei Total : $60.04

April Total : $68.45

Other Earning

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